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Rufus Du Sol – “Sundream”


Pairs Well With…Cut Copy, Sylvan Esso, Jagwar Ma


Down-tempo indie dance-pop artists Rufus Du Sol (the “Du Sol” was recently added to their moniker) have released a few singles leading up their debut full-length Atlas (due Stateside August 25), a record that will seemingly live in an ether between the dancefloor and the stage.  This intermingling of genres is certainly top-of-mind in many music circles and Rufus Du Sol belongs squarely in the conversation.  Musically, the Australian group is both spacey and edgy, sharp and soulful.  While these sounds are electronically constructed, Tyrone Lindqvist’s vocals are airy and pure.  Highlight track “Desert Night” is cleanly and smartly produced (Classixx and Casino Gold traded off on production duties for Atlas), a nice show of patience in what could easily have turned into abrasive pop.  “Sundream” carries even more of an indie soul vibe, aided by the most pronounced beat of Rufus Du Sol’s early tracks.  Atlas has already achieved success in Australia, so it’ll interesting to see how their comforting tracks are received across the globe.


Finally it’s here. Watch the official music video for HAIM’s My Song 5 feat. A$AP Ferg!

Featuring Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer with cameos from Ezra Koenig, Ke$ha, Grimes, Ariel Rechtshaid, Big Sean, Papa & Mama Haim, Sofia ‘Hoops’ Sarkisian and a bunch more.

So, I made a thing. We hit up Vegas, Zion, Page, the Grand Canyon, and Sedona earlier this summer, and it was the experience of a lifetime.


Can’t wait to share these songs with you.

Here’s what my band has been up to in the studio. It’s incredible playing with these guys.

The Griswolds - Beware the Dogs

Diggin’ this. Support these guys on their way up through Spotify Emerge.


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The Last Internationale - Moanin’ at Midnight

From New York, I Do Mind Dying, the new EP by NY band The Last Internationale, to be released on 3rd June.

Link: The Last Internationale


The Wind and the Wave is one of my favorite bands and they just came out with their debut album “From the Wreckage”. I’m really excited to hear more stuff from these guys. I would check em out on Spotify because they have commentary about each song which is really cool


Liam Bailey - On My Mind

The Shins - So Now What


The Shins // So Now What

  Written for the soundtrack of Zach Braff’s new movie Wish I Was Here.  Calling it his “in-spirit” sequel to Garden State leaves some big shoes to fill for its release next month.  From the looks of it, though, the soundtrack is going to be fantastic.  Cat Power, Bon Iver?  00’s music comeback coming on strong.

Magic Man - It All Starts Here

Diggin’ this record.

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